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Chelsea, Manchester City both fined surprisingly small amounts for fracas at end of game

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Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

For all the talk about possible points deductions the like, Chelsea's fine for the fracas at the end of the Manchester City game isn't even a record amount.  According to Sky Sports, Chelsea were only fined £100,000 for our end of the little get-together, while City received an equally piddly £35,000.

Obviously, City's fine a fair bit less than ours, but considering that Chelsea are repeat offenders under Rule E20 -- this was our sixth admitted charge and fine in the last two years for failure to control players -- it's hardly an outrageous fee.  It's roughly a third of the fine Chelsea eventually had to pay for the events at the Battle of the Bridge against Spurs in May (£290,000 after appeal).  Previous Chelsea fines included amounts of £30k, £40k, £50k, and £65k.  (Where's all this money going to anyway?)

It would appear that The FA took context and the sequence of events into account and simply levied a non-record fine on the club rather than any outsized financial or otherwise draconian penalties.