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Off the Pitch: send in your mailbag questions!

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Ever wonder about how things work off the pitch? Well, you've come to the right place. Welcome to a new feature we've decided to test out at WAGNH.

The only catch is that this is is a mailbag and so in order for this to work, we need questions from you, which you can drop in the comments below.

Want to know if Naby Keïta is the real deal? This is most definitely not the place for that. I only know who he is because Joe Tweeds has been raving about him for ages. What about whether Conte's 3-4-3 will get exploited once Chelsea returns to European football next season? No idea, bud. I certainly don't watch anywhere near enough European football to offer up anything resembling an original thought on potentially worrisome tactics. If you've got questions about tactics or talented young players in Europe, drop them in the Hilario and there will be much more knowledgeable fans than myself who will be able to share their insights.

What I can do, though, is try to answer any questions you have about off-pitch issues related to commercial, financial and legal issues in football. Granted, this might not be for everyone, but for those who recognise that signing a new kit deal or leading the way in digital media have a downstream, but direct impact on the results on the pitch, maybe you've got some questions.

We'll do our best to answer them, and if we can't, we'll find someone or a resource that can (for example, ever wonder how a transfer works? Here's an interactive four-part series on exactly that).

Maybe you want to know about the likelihood of Chelsea Player A moving to Italian club B in exchange for Player C (it doesn't matter which players and club you add to that example, it's very unlikely. There's a reason that one "swap" or player exchange deal actually happens for every ~20,000 "rumoured" deals, which we can go into if anyone's interested).

Maybe you want to know about various clauses we often hear about these-days: add-ons, sell-ons, releases, buyouts, etc.

Maybe you want to know how image rights work.

Or, why Mo Salah was an excellent buy and why Chelsea should actively be looking for more of those types of players.

Or, how Nike will make a killing from the Chelsea deal, despite paying the club £60 million per year.

Or, maybe you don't care about any of this stuff. We'll find out!

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