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Re-live Frank Lampard’s top 20 best ever goals

The memories...

There was a special guest at Stamford Bridge as Chelsea narrowly defeated West Brom, 1-0, on Sunday. Frank Lampard took in the match as the Blues kept a firm grip on the top spot of the Premier League table.

While the Chelsea legend’s future is up in the air at the moment, it’s great to see him back at the place where he gave us so many great moments and memories.

YouTube channel “DEZAO Football” put together the great video above of Lampard’s Top 20 goals. Any list of best goals will of course be subjective, and Super Frank had such an amazing career that limiting the video to just twenty almost seems unjust, but this list is quite excellent.

Frank Lampard is one of those special players who is appreciated universally. Even if you aren’t a Chelsea fan, it’s impossible not to respect what he’s done through his illustrious career. Whether or not he continues on as a player or decides to stop, we’ll always have the great moments like these to look back on.

And he might just become a familiar face around the Bridge sooner rather than later once again.

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