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How should Chelsea line up against Sunderland on Wednesday to reach double digits on winning streak?

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Julian Finney/Getty Images

Chelsea face our quickest turnaround of the season so far, with Sunday's early kick-off followed by a Wednesday night encounter against Sunderland.  Factor in the travel time up to the far north, where the sky is closer to the ground, and we're looking at barely enough time to jump in an ice bath and get in a cooldown session or two.

It's a good thing Conte has gotten to spend most of the previous months on training and fitness — we're about to find out how the tactical setup and style translates to a busier (more "normal") schedule.

As far as availability, let's consider the situation to be unchanged from the weekend with John Terry (injury) and Oscar (illness) the only two players to completely miss out.  Will you use that as a license to not change?  Will you be advocating for wholesale changes, especially given that another game will be coming up with an even shorter rest period on Saturday?

Choose wisely.

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