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Frank Lampard changes his pick for the winner of the Premier League this season

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Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

About a month ago, Frank Lampard sat down for an interview with Gary Lineker for the BBC's The Premier League Show.  The world was a different place back then; Chelsea were crumbling and the future seemed bleaker by the minute.  Now, after five impressive wins in a row, Chelsea's prospects have vastly improved and have prompted the Blues legend to change his pick for the winner of the Premier League.

"Of course, I really care about it. I want Chelsea to win the league, I'm a Chelsea man."

"I did an interview with Gary Lineker about a month ago and I said Man City would win it, but since then the dynamics have changed. It's a very close call, so I'm going to throw Chelsea and Arsenal in with Man City. Chelsea's change of formation and the way we've been playing in recent games; if we carry on like that then we're going to be contenders for sure. And I think it might be the year for Arsenal to have a go too."

-Frank Lampard; source: Chelsea FC

Not quite brave enough to pick Chelsea outright, though he did row back on the City pick.  Practicing for a future career in punditry are we?

Lampard's best season in America (12 goals in 20 appearances) just ended with a rather crushing defeat to Toronto FC in the MLS Cup playoffs, as New York City FC, the fourth best team in the regular season, lost 0-7 on aggregate in the conference semifinals.  Toronto will now take on local rivals Montreal Impact (and Didier Drogba, who's been reduced lately to a bystander) in the Eastern Conference finals.

Super Frank's contract is up at the end of this season (so, basically, right now), but NYCFC do have a club-option for next year -- though that seems unlikely at the moment due to the large salary commitment that would entail.