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Predicted Chelsea lineup against Everton: Does anyone expect anything other than the usual 3-4-3?

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Unfortunately, we have a minimum word requirement for even the shortest of posts, so I cannot simply say, duh, we're obviously going to use the same 3-4-3 setup and lineup as in the previous four games because oh my god have you seen how well it's been working and without any injury or fitness issues, why in the world would anyone mess with that and try to tinker with things just for the sake of tinkering or to achieve some sort of squad management ideal of squad rotation and run the risk of the changes negatively affecting what is looking like a goldmine of quality attacking and defending play from the men in Blue -- almost there! -- with no goals conceded and eleven goals scored in these four games thanks in part to career-best performances from the likes of Victor Moses and David Luiz and game-winning turns from the likes of Eden Hazard, Diego Costa, and N'Golo Kante.

May this winning streak run on as much as that sentence just did.

As in the prior weeks, the only position that's really under any question at this point is whether to play Pedro or Willian as the right wing-forward.  Willian started against Hull before attending to family matters in Brazil.  Pedro has deputized capable in his stead, playing his best football yet for Chelsea.  I think Conte will keep running him out there until that changes, just as he's likely to do with the formation and setup in general.

Courtois | Cahill, David Luiz, Azpilicueta | Alonso, Matic, Kante, Moses | Hazard, Costa, Pedro

The community once again fully agrees as far as the preferred lineup's considered.  Not even during the title-winning season of 2014-15 did we have this much synergy and this much belief in any one particular starting eleven!

Courtois (99%) | Cahill (91%), David Luiz (99%), Azpilicueta (98%) | Alonso (96%), Matic (94%), Kante (99%), Moses (97%) | Hazard (99+%), Costa (99%), Pedro (62%)

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