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Mailbag: Alonso, Kenedy, Ake left wing-back situation; Hazard's hot/cold shooting; Manchester United transfer targets

Post-Spurs, pre-Citeh: WAGNH Mailbag #2, part 2

Midweek chat, part 2: Alonso, Kenedy left wing-backs; Ake prospects; Hazard's hot/cold shooting; Manchester United transfer targets

Posted by We Ain't Got No History on Tuesday, November 29, 2016

There’s a short (8 min) part 1 to this Facebook Live video, too, which quickly recaps the Spurs match, looks forward to the Manchester City match, and reminds you to watch tonight’s (7:05pm) Chelsea U23 match as they take on Feyenoord II in the Premier League International Cup. And then my Internet had a hiccup, and thus we ended up with a part 1 and a part 2. Part 2 is probably the more interesting one, with several topics up for discussion.


  1. Question from the Hilario: The left wing-back situation
  2. Nathan Ake?
  3. Eden Hazard’s hot/cold shooting
  4. Question from the audience: Azpilicueta/Cahill suitability for the back three
  5. Transfer speculation with Manchester United
  6. Question from the audience: Will Hazard leave if Chelsea win the title?


  1. Everybody on the Kenedy backup hype train!
  2. Hopefully he continues to start at Bournemouth; still just a backup capable at multiple positions as far as a Chelsea career however
  3. First 3 games: 14 shots (2 goals); Next 4 games: 5 shots (0 goals); Next 4 games: 15 shots (5 goals); Last 2 games: 2 shots (0 goals) — SORT THIS OUT, EDEN!
  4. As long as they’re working, no need to change. That said, do we even have any other options at the moment?
  5. Willian, Mikel OUT; Martial, Schneiderlin IN. Where do we sign up for this FIFA glitch?
  6. No. I hope. He’s a Chelsea legend in the making. I hope.

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