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John Terry more than happy to sacrifice playing time for another Premier League title for Chelsea

John Terry may be injured at the moment, but as we know, he has not been playing a major role in the team since the switch to the 3-4-3 system anyway.  At 35, going on 36, that's perhaps an unsurprising situation, but in an interview with former teammate William Gallas for SFR, Terry reveals a rather magnanimous perspective on the whole thing.

It's perhaps the least we should expect from him, but it's still lovely to hear this sort of attitude.

As translated by the Metro, the captain reveals he's more than happy to observe from the bench as that means Chelsea are continuing to win with the current starting lineup.

"Honestly, in the best possible way and I know it's going to sound crazy to people watching, but if i don't get back into the team it means Chelsea are winning, at the minute we're not conceding goals and possible means we're going to win the league. If that's with me or without me it doesn't matter."

John Terry, Mr. Chelsea for longer than I can care to count, of course puts the team above himself.  Chelsea first, always. Well, okay, most of the time.  But certainly right now.

"When I finish and when I leave, Chelsea Football Club will continue to win league's, Champions League's and football matches."

"I'm in a position now when the team is playing unbelievable, playing really well, not conceding goals and I can't get in the team, and that's a good thing, I'm so happy for the boys and the team. When i'm sitting there and watching I appreciate how well they're playing and like I said, if I don't get back in the team it's a thing because it means we carry on winning."

"In the nicest way, I hope I don't get back in the team because it means we continue to win football matches."

-John Terry; source: SFR via Metro

What more can you say.  That's why he's Captain, Leader, Legend, slowly transitioning from a crucial playing role to a crucial behind the scenes role.

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