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Latest Chelsea behind the scenes look features special guest Gianfranco Zola

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This weekend's Chelsea UNSEEN/RE-SEEN features dropped promptly ahead of Saturday's big derby against Spurs, and if there is a common theme between the two weekly behind the scenes videos, it's tricks, tricks, and more tricks. And also fun, though these things are always fun — and getting better, especially the UNSEEN video, with each passing week.

There were tricks from Oscar, tricks from Ivanović (no, really, Ivanović), David Luiz, and some kid at the end of the UNSEEN video that might blow your mind.

Speaking of endings, the RE-SEEN video features a special guest appearance from none other than Gianfranco Zola, Mr. Magic Box himself. A neat little clipshow of just a few highlights of the Chelsea legend closes that one out — it must be tough to choose which ones to include when Zola highlights could easily fill hours of content just by themselves.

There are several things that overlap between the two videos, and I'm pretty sure my favorite is Costa's filthy side-eye at the man who seems incapable of operating a camera.