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WAGNH Mailbag: Fàbregas, Oscar futures; Alonso’s quality; Ake’s height; bearhugs and handshakes

It’s not really a mailbag; it’s just a model.

Middlesbrough 0-1 Chelsea: Post-match Q&A

Post-match review, Q&A, etc

Nai-post ni We Ain't Got No History noong Martes, Nobyembre 22, 2016

I spent some time answering a few questions on FB Live earlier, and I figured it might be useful to have them written down to inspire further debate and perhaps get us going on making this a regular feature.

This video isn’t all mailbag — I ramble on about the Boro match and the loanees for the first 19 minutes or so — but I think we can make a Q&A/Mailbag a regular weekly feature. Thoughts?

Here are the questions from this episode:

  1. from TheLittleHorse: Do you see a future for Fàbregas and Oscar?
  2. from FrostyMouse: Do you think that we need a better LWB than Alonso, if we're going to stick with this 3-4-3 long-term?
  3. from SoNoGo: Will putting Ake at LCB make our back line too short? Do you think Zouma can break into our starting line-up and, if so, in what position?
  4. from Fifty Years of Hurt: Are you concerned that our purchases and sales are going to lock us into the 3-4-3, much as our current squad almost locked us into 4-2-3-1? Given our track record for manager sackings, could that leave us with a major overhaul required in the near future, and could we let some players go that we will wish we had kept?
  5. from Special 26: Serious: How would you rate Conte so far? Non-serious: Who is your favourite WAGNH user?
  6. from simongabriel: Is Chelsea’s money this coming summer window better spent on a single TOP TOP target player? Or on say, 3-4 good players to add depth to the squad? If we had to choose only one or the other, that is.
  7. from inferno12: How we should go about against Spurs?
  8. from yatcli: You’re welcomed to Stamford to meet with Uncle Roman. You’re prepping yourself at one of nicer facilities at Chelsea’s HQ. Staring into the mirror, you’re repeating buzzwords to psyche yourself up: STRENGTH, FIERCE, COMMUNICATIVE, ANALYZING. As you’re finishing up, you notice someone coming out of the stall. It’s our idol, legend and greatest bear alive, Branislav. You exchange glances and produce a smile and head nod combo of the ages all while trying to keep yourself calm as to not freak him out. You muster up the courage to extend your hand for a handshake… but as your hand moves out into the open space between, you realize that Branislav has yet to wash his hands…


  1. No and yes, respectively.
  2. Not right now, but maybe later?
  3. Maybe, but he’s not starting quality. And yes, as a center back.
  4. A valid concern that’s hopefully mitigated by signing versatile players and managers
  5. Excellent. Brophog, who, as always, needs to comment more.
  6. Spend money on TOP TOP players. The podcast I mention is Revisionist History, episode 6 though I heartily recommend the whole series if you’re looking for interesting, thought-provoking things to listen to.
  7. Same as the previous six league games. Don’t change what’s not broken.
  8. Bearhug.

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