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David Luiz plays cheerleader for Chelsea U23, and yes, it’s amazing


As we learned earlier, David Luiz was in attendance as Chelsea U23, featuring several first-team players, beat Southampton U23 3-2 on Monday afternoon at Cobham. What we didn’t know until checking David Luiz’s Facebook page that he also acted as the one-man cheersquad as the players walked out for the kick-off.

Yes, this is amazing. And hilarious. And great. And everything. David Luiz is everything.


Nai-post ni David Luiz noong Lunes, Nobyembre 21, 2016

If you’re not smiling at the end of this, you might want to check your pulse and/or rush to hospital as I fear there might be something seriously wrong.

Obviously, when things are going as well as they are right now at Chelsea, it’s easy to joke around and have lots of fun. But this winning run is building some amazing team spirit and belief in Conte’s methods, which will hopefully carry the boys through any rough patches that may lie ahead, perhaps as soon as the next couple weekends with Spurs coming to town and then a trip up to Manchester City.

Enjoy the life!

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