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Neither Fàbregas nor Ivanović are interested in leaving Chelsea — reports

We might as well throw Mikel in that headline, too.

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I'm not quite sure how to tell all y'all the following, but the world may be collapsing it would appear that the Daily Star/Express are the voice of reason at the moment.  Or maybe they're just being contrarian?

Either way, reports from the Star and the Express claim that neither Cesc Fàbregas nor Branislav Ivanović are looking to leave Chelsea in January.  Granted, the reports are presenting this as a development that's "holding up" Conte's further attempts at revamping the squad, so maybe we shouldn't be so hasty with the whole voice of reason thing, but at the heart of all that sensationalism is the common sense that I had mentioned yesterday, when Fàbregas was plunged back into the murky waters of the rumor mill.

But interest from AC Milan has cooled [in Fàbregas], and the Spanish midfielder would rather stay and fight for his place than accept a big downward move.

Ivanovic has also let it be known he is not interested in leaving Chelsea in January and the defender will only consider his future next summer.

-source: Star

Bane's contract is up at the end of the season, so his stance makes perfect sense and he can provide some excellent veteran depth in defense until then.  Cesc's situation is a bit more complicated — he has another two years to go after this season — but everything he's said publicly points to him wanting to stay, wanting to play, and wanting to prove himself.  And if he's content to do that while providing the option of a game-changing substitute from the bench, then all the better for us.

So, back as you were.

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