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We can clearly deduce from this photo that Eden Hazard is 100% fit for Sunday

Who needs a medical team!?

Eden Hazard was kicked a lot during the past two weeks and we were slightly concerned for his well being after he finished the first Belgium game with a limp and then asked to come off in the second game with yet another knock.

Belgium manager Roberto Martinez reassured afterwards that everything was a-ok with the Chelsea kid, but can you really trust a man who once admitted to singing in the shower about not selling John Stones to Chelsea?

Yeah, I didn’t think so either.

Fortunately, we have Marcos Alonso’s Instagram account. Better than even WebMD!

Good training session today!

A photo posted by Marcos Alonso (@marcosalonso28) on

See, healthy as a horse. Wait, what’s that? Horses are fairly sickly animals? And why is Marcos Alonso not doing the V-for-victory sign? Does he know something we don’t? IS IT LUPUS?! We’re doomed.

So, really, we don’t know. Hazard probably knows, but like the Mona Lisa, he’s not revealing anything in this picture.

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