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Jamie Carragher and Thierry Henry analyze David Luiz and Eden Hazard on Monday Night Football

If you've been paying attention — and reading such wonderful posts as Martin's tactical breakdowns, for example! — much of what Thierry Henry and Jamie Carragher talk about in this video will sound familiar. But it's still worth your time, for the visuals if for nothing else.

Carragher, being the ex-defender that he is, analyzes David Luiz and the three-man defense in general, talking, beyond just the defensive solidity it provides in the center, about how it can adapt to different styles of build-up. Martin touched on this as well in his breakdown of the win at Southampton, as the midfielders and the right/left center backs work in tandem to create avenues in which to push the team forward.

Carragher also concentrates on David Luiz, one of English media's favorite whipping boys and makes the point that deploying him in the central role gives him responsibilities that minimize his supposed penchant for the bone-headed error. Carragher may be right — I used to say the same thing about Bosingwa, whose best defensive performances for Chelsea came when he played out of position (left or center back) and he had to really concentrate on what he was doing — or David Luiz's penchant for the silly has been largely overstated. Or both. Either way, it's working, and while David Luiz has been less involved in build-up and possession than the other two center backs in the last couple games, that wasn't the case in the Leicester City match, so this might very well depend on what the opposition gives us and how we can take advantage of that. Flexibility and multiple options in this new 3-4-3 system are key benefits.

Thierry Henry, meanwhile, talks about the 3-4-3 from an attacking perspective, and how the freer, less defensive role for Hazard, which both he and Conte have talked about recently, really unlocks the kid's potential. The funny thing about this one is that Henry is of course the assistant coach for Belgium as well, so he's possibly giving Hazard a few pointers during the international breaks, too. Henry, once a winger, became one of the most lethal finishers in Premier League history — if just a tiny percentage of whatever made him so good seeps into Hazard's brain, we've hit the jackpot.


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