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Chelsea goalkeepers take Punt, Pass, Kick challenge

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Begovic, Courtois, and Eduardo play the other football

Chelsea are no strangers to American football. It seems like every month they have some kind of fun activity or social media campaign going on that involves the NFL or just the sport in general.

The BBC have an interesting web series hosted by former NFL players Osi Umenyiora and Jason Bell where they travel to different Premier League teams to talk American football and/or do fun challenges. They’ve talked to Leicester City’s Christian Fuchs and Tottenham Hotspur’s Jan Vertonghen.

This time they visit Chelsea’s goalkeeping trio of Thibaut Courtois, Asmir Begovic, and Eduardo for an old-fashioned Punt, Pass, and Kick challenge.

The video is a pretty fun watch as we learn a few things, like Begovic revealing he’s a New England Patriots fan, mainly because of Tom Brady. Then there’s also the funny moment of Courtois making fun of Eduardo’s accent.

Surprisingly, all three look very competent throwing the ball, while, obviously, kicking it is right up their alley. As we know from earlier this year, both Courtois and Begovic are pretty good at catching it too.

It’s always interesting to see the crossover between the two sports and people who enjoy both.