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The Daily Hilario: Girl on the trai....zzzzzz

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Your daily dose of off-topic shenanigans.


Duh, you might say, but it was especially true for 'The Girl on the Train', a book I truly enjoyed (slightly weak ending aside).  The movie was boring, listless, obvious (sure, I knew the twist and the ending, but there was less than zero suspense).

Emily Blunt was good and seeing Justin Theroux reminded by that the most excellent 'The Leftovers' isn't coming back for another 9 months.  *sadface*  (Which will be its final season... *double sadface*)


FOOTBALL (all times BST):
12.15:  League One, 12th vs. 15th:  Oxford United vs. AFC Wimbledon
14.15:  League One, 11th vs. 9th:  MK Dons vs. Port Vale
17.00:  World Cup qualifying:  Wales vs. Georgia
19.45:  World Cup qualifying:  Serbia vs. Austria
19.45:  World Cup qualifying:  Albania vs. Spain
19.45:  World Cup qualifying:  Macedonia vs. Italy