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The curly hair is back! David Luiz posts video highlighting his first month back at Chelsea

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One month and one week ago, Chelsea pulled off perhaps the biggest shock of the summer transfer window. It wasn't the biggest signing, it probably won't be the most impactful either, but it certainly was a surprise and a half when David Luiz returned to Chelsea, two years after leaving us for Paris Saint-Germain.

The move immediately paid dividends in terms of depth when John Terry collected an ankle injury that has kept him out ever since. Alas, in term of results things haven't been consistently stellar with Chelsea suffering back-to-back galling defeats to Liverpool and Arsenal. A certain portion of the collective blame certainly falls on the Curly Haired One, but otherwise David Luiz has been playing quite well, keeping it simple in defense, calm in possession, and appropriately adventurous in launching several pin-point accurate long balls that have so far been wasted by the likes of Costa, Batshuayi, or the assistant referee's flag (on the Pedro disallowed goal).

David Luiz himself (or, more likely, his PR/media team) posted this video highlighting his first month back at Chelsea on his official Facebook page. Enjoy!