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Chelsea’s birthday tribute shows different side of Diego Costa

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Happy birthday, Diego!

Diego Costa is celebrating his 28th birthday today. Chelsea honored their big striker by posting a video montage of his training antics on their social media pages. You can see that in full here:

Costa has a bad reputation around the world for being very unlikable and perhaps even “dirty” on the field. It’s a reputation he’s probably earned for some rather unsavory incidents, but it doesn’t define him as a person.

This fun montage shows us that he’s a kind and good-hearted person when the stress and adrenaline of high stakes professional soccer aren’t weighing on him.

No matter what opposing players may say about him or other fans may think, Costa is a good teammate and a great presence for the other Chelsea players in the dressing room. At the end of the day, that’s the most important thing isn’t it? You’d much rather have a teammate causing problems for other teams than one that does it internally.

Happy birthday, Diego!