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The Daily Hilario: Matthew, Enner

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Your daily dose of off-topic shenanigans.


I've spent most of my life living in Central Europe, the American Midwest, the Pacific Northwest, and now NorCal, so I've never been exposed to hurricanes.  Thus, I find them fascinating.

But the news coverage of Hurricane Matthew is basically just each channel trying to out-fearmonger each other.  I get that they're trying to convince people to leave and follow evacuation orders — and that CNN headline was a direct quote from the Florida governor — but the way I see it, too much fear is counter-productive.  And it's not CNN's job, just to pick a supposedly respectable news agency, to convince the non-believers.  Report the news, please, give me context, give me information, educate me, without the heaping dose of sensationalism.



Increíble, indeed.  Remarkable.

So the story goes that Enner Valencia (of West Ham, now on loan at Everton) has roughly $17k in unpaid child support to his name in Ecuador and having confronted police once already prior to the match, now fled from them in a golf cart and an ambulance from Ecuador's World Cup qualifying match against Chile (which Ecuador won 3-0).  With just about 10 minutes left, Enner faked an injury, hitched a ride, and evaded police once again.

Apparently, the arrest warrant has since been revoked, though obviously Valencia will be expected to get current on his child support payments.

Just when you think you've seen it all...

FOOTBALL (all times BST):
19.45:  World Cup qualifying:  France vs. Bulgaria
19.45:  World Cup qualifying:  Hungary vs. Switzerland
19.45:  World Cup qualifying:  Belgium vs. Bosnia and Herzegovina
21.00:  Int'l Friendly:  Cuba vs. USA