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Willian's five best goals for Chelsea

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Willian may not score many goals for Chelsea, but the goals he does score tend to be of the spectacular kind. Case in point: last weekend's opening goal against Hull City, which was so good that it inspired a knockoff copy from Diego Costa just a few minutes later. That's the power of Willian!

In all seriousness, choosing just five goals from Willian's catalogue of glorious free kicks, howitzers, and curlers is no easy task, but Chelsea's in-house video team did just that, resulting in the picks seen in the above video. The goals are so good in fact, that they even decided to share it with the world for free on YouTube. Willian's magnificence must not be contained behind a paywall!

So, let us enjoy, in this wasteland of international football, Willian's best of the best. Personal favorite: the free kick against Dinamo Kiev. Absolute perfection.

BONUS VIDEO: Not including Saturday's goal, here are all of Willian's goals for Chelsea.