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Victor Moses: We are going to make Chelsea fans happy this season

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Chelsea v Leicester City - Premier League Photo by Ian Walton/Getty Images

Known since his days with Crystal Palace and Wigan Athletic as a direct, pacy winger, Victor Moses has become Chelsea head coach Antonio Conte's go-to right wing-back, repaying the boss's trust with great performances on the pitch in every aspect of his role.

After spending the last three seasons on various loan assignments around the Premier League, Moses feels quite happy to be back at Chelsea, and receiving plenty of support not only from the fans but his team and teammates as well. Moses’s perseverance and impact is a shining example of how maybe there is some method to the Loan Army madness.

"I’m feeling happy, I’m feeling excited and right now I’m looking forward to every game. The most important thing is getting out on the pitch and enjoying your football, and that’s what I am doing at the moment. It’s also good to have a team that believes in your ability and encourages you to keep driving on and playing well."

"I really appreciate the support of the fans as well. From the very first day I came here they have been great with me. I can tell the love they have for me and at the same time I have got a huge amount of respect and love for them as well."

"I will keep doing my best for them to make sure we win as many games as we can. The whole team wants to do well for the fans and make them happy, and we are going to do that this season."

In his post-match comments, Conte talk about the pleasant surprise of Moses turning out to be an option as a wing-back, helping Chelsea transition from defence to midfield effectively, pressing and tracking back out of possession and supporting the attack in possession. The position requires plenty of stamina, work-rate, concentration, and decision-making, but so far, the 25-year-old has acquitted himself very well.

And of course that’s made all the more impressive by the fact that he didn’t have any prior experience playing there before making the switch about a month ago.

"I have not played there before. I have just got to listen to what the manager asks me to do in that position, and the way he wants me to do it. Every game we play I just want to keep on improving. The more games you play, the more experience you get in that position. I’m really relishing it at the moment and enjoying it."

"It’s very important to understand your teammates. I have got Azpilicueta there, the spare right-back, who is behind me, and he communicates with me and really helps me out to make sure I am in the right position."

"It’s very good to link up with Pedro or Willian, too. They know when it’s time for me to go or when not to go. We speak to each other and we look at each other’s movement to make sure we are doing the right thing on the pitch."

"Defensively we all work as a unit in training. We want to make sure we don’t get caught sleeping in a game. Every day in training the manager is on top of us to make sure we are solid at the back."

"It’s looking good for us at the moment, but we have to keep our feet firmly on the floor, try and keep the momentum going and hopefully win as many games as we can without conceding goals."

Despite the midweek exit from the cup, there seems to be a tremendous feel-good factor around the club, both on and off the pitch, a marked change from the concerns of the back-to-back losses to Liverpool and Arsenal. Winning tends to do that, and credit for much of that has to go to the head coach.

Conte has not only instilled Chelsea with a renewed fighting spirit after the beat-downs of last season, but has also introduced several new ideas on the pitch that are now paying dividends.

Moses had nothing but nice words about the head coach.

"He’s a top manager. He’s making everyone feel happy. He’s played the game, he’s got the experience and he knows how to talk to players. You can tell he is very passionate about the game and we players love that as well."

"He’s also very helpful on the touchline. He talks to you to make sure you’re in the right position, and then when you do the right thing he gives you a pat on the back to encourage you, which gives you more energy."

-Victor Moses; Source: Chelsea FC

Yesterday, Moses definitely left his imprint on the team's impressive 2-0 victory over Southampton, helping us stay within a point of the top three teams in the Premier League. He received a standing ovation from the traveling support when he was withdrawn with just a few minutes left. At this rate, his rise from the loan rags to first-team riches won't be the only feel-good story of the season.