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Victor Moses vs. Southampton: The not young, not English, all-great wing-back solution

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Professional TV pundit Jamie Redknapp showed off the skills required to become one of Sky Sports' leading analysts after Chelsea's win at Southampton on Sunday, when he heaped praise on "young English talent" Victor Moses for his stellar display as right wing-back once again.

Now, in Jamie's defense, Moses is in his mid-20s, which, if you're in your mid-40s, probably does seem young, but in actual football, is just about the prime of one's career.  And Moses did turn out for England youth teams for a while, but he's chosen to represent the country of his birth where he lived until seeking asylum in England at age 11 following the death of both of his parents.  Incidentally, if you're not familiar with the story of Victor Moses, which he's never actuallly been comfortable discussing in public, be sure to read this profile from 2005 of a 14-year-old Victor making waves in the Crystal Palace academy or his interview in the Guardian soon after joining Chelsea in 2012.

Redknapp was correct in one aspect though, Victor Moses is indeed a talent.  It's a taken a long and circuitous route to see that blossom at Chelsea, but to say that Moses has been a revelation in his new position would be an understatement.  In the four matches since switching to the 3-4-3, he's passed every test with flying colors.

"This role is very important in this system because you must have good stamina and quality to play as a wing-back. I ask my wing-backs to attack and defend. I think Moses is a great surprise in this aspect because we know him as a winger but I think he is playing in a fantastic way."

-Antonio Conte; source: FourFourTwo

Moses collected the assist on Hazard's opening goal on Sunday, and he also scored one a couple games ago against Leicester.  But more than just the impact on the scoresheet, Moses has helped make Conte's 3-4-3 a force to be reckoned with.