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Southampton vs. Chelsea, Premier League: Half-time report

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Chelsea up 1-0 and looking solid.

Ian Walton/Getty Images

Strong and solid performance form Chelsea so far, as Southampton have controlled the vast majority of possession, but Chelsea have had the better of chances and finished the half on the front foot with a bit of possession of our own.

Just as against Manchester United, Chelsea jumped out to an early lead.  We had to wait five minutes this time, a lifetime when compared with the 30 seconds last weekend, but nonetheless satisfying.  Victor Moses, who's been left wide open multiple times by the hosts, found Hazard cutting in behind the defense.  In-form Eden drove at goal from the wide angle, shook off his marker, and blasted it low in-between Forster's legs.

Chelsea have looked decent on the break since and Costa could've doubled Chelsea's lead towards the end of the half when he was played in, but his low shot at Forster's legs was saved.  Wonder if that's a tactic from us, to shoot low at him, or if Costa just went for power instead of placement.

No lead is safe of course, especially a one-goal advantage away from home, but so far so good to notch our fourth win and fourth successive clean sheet in the Premier League.