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Michy Batshuayi’s birthday included a video game wars tweet

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PES aren’t giving up

Just when you thought the great battle for Michy Batshuayi’s video game allegiance was over, a tweet has stirred the pot.

Last month, the Belgian was in the middle of a Twitter “spat” between rival video gaming franchises in Pro Evolution Soccer and EA Sports’ FIFA. Batshuayi took to social media to complain about his abnormally low passing rating in this year’s edition of FIFA.

That turned into a whole back and forth about which game he should play this year, even resulting in him requesting a copy of PES as he threatened to switch allegiances to the underdog franchise.

The tug-o-war seemingly died down until Sunday when PES wished him happy birthday with this funny tweet with mention of his far superior passing rating in their game.

Michy Batshuayi celebrated his 23rd birthday on Sunday. He has enjoyed a modestly successful beginning to his Premier League career. However, on social media, he’s in a class of his own.