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The best Eden Hazard hype video you've ever seen: Eden Hazard, The Story So Far

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After an early season burst of goals, shots, and direct attacking play, Eden Hazard has fallen back into a lot of his bad habits from last season.

After three games, he was leading the Premier League in shots, but in the last few games, he's once again back to shying away from directly taking-on defenders, often preferring to pass the ball off, making the safe and easy choice and simply recycling possession. While there's a time and a place for such things as well, I think most of us prefer the Eden Hazard of the first few years, when he toyed with defenders for fun and scored plenty of goals not just from penalty kicks but from open play as well, including a few blockbusters from range. After taking 14 shots through the first three matches, he's taken just 5 in the four since.

This video, if anything, serves as a reminder of this Hazard who once was, who would often win games for Chelsea through his special brand of jaw-dropping magic. That Hazard still exists — we see glimpses of him all the time, even when he plays badly or ineffectively. We just need that Hazard to show up a bit more often than the, let's call him more playmaker-y Hazard, who just tends to float around the edges of the attack and distribute the ball.

Be more selfish.