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The Daily Hilario: Matchweek 10

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Your daily dose of off-topic shenanigans.

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WaFFLe Cup

ENGLAND (all times BST):
12.05:  U18 Premier League, 3rd(S) vs. 11th(S):  CHELSEA U18 vs. Leicester City U18
12.30:  Premier League, 20th vs. 2nd:  Sunderland vs. Arsenal
15.00:  Premier League, 7th vs. 14th:  Manchester United vs. Burnley
15.00:  Premier League, 17th vs. 10th:  Middlesbrough vs. AFC Bournemouth
15.00:  Premier League, 5th vs. 12th:  Tottenham Hotspur vs. Leicester City
15.00:  Premier League, 9th vs. 18th:  Watford vs. Hull City
15.00:  Premier League, 13th vs. 1st:  West Bromwich Albion vs. Manchester City
15.00:  Championship, 2nd vs. 4th:  Brighton & Hove Albion vs. Norwich City
15.00:  Championship, 12th vs. 6th:  Barnsley vs. Tammy Abraham's Bristol City
17.30:  Championship, 22nd vs. 18th:  Blackurn Rovers vs. Wolverhampton Wanderers
17.30:  Premier League, 11th vs. 3rd:  Crystal Palace vs. Liverpool


These were amazing back in the early 2000 (inspiring, among others, the whole Transporter movie series), and the new "season 3" is pretty great, too.  Still with Clive Owen, still with other big name stars and big name directors (and the stunt guy from The Road Warrior).  Technically they're just commercials (BUY BMW!), but they are also fun.

The behind the scenes featurettes (12) are pretty good, too.

ELSEWHERE (all times BST):
14.30:  Bundesliga, 16th vs. 11th:  Wolfsburg vs. Bayer Leverkusen
14.30:  Bundesliga, 12th vs. 1st:  Augsburg vs. Bayern Munich
14.30:  Bundesliga, 13th vs. 2nd:  Darmstadt 98 vs. RB Leipzig
15.15:  La Liga, 13th vs. 1st:  Deportivo Alavés vs. Real Madrid
16.00:  Ligue 1, 4th vs. 10th:  Toulouse vs. Olympique Lyonnais
17.00:  Serie A, 13th vs. 11th:  Bologna vs. Fiorentina
17.30:  Bundesliga, 7th vs. 14th:  BVB vs. Schalke 04
17.30:  La Liga, 5th vs. 10th:  Atlético Madrid vs. Málaga
18.45:  Eredivisie, 7th vs. 4th:  Vitesse vs. PSV
19.00:  Ligue 1, 7th vs. 3rd:  ASSE vs. AS Monaco
19.45:  La Liga, 3rd vs. 20th:  Barcelona vs. Granada
19.45:  Serie A, 1st vs. 3rd:  Juventus vs. Napoli