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How should Chelsea line up against Southampton to keep the three-match Premier League win streak alive?

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Dan Mullan/Getty Images

Chelsea are out of the League Cup, which means that for the next two months, we have nothing else but the Premier League to worry about.  That will largely entail games just once a week, though over the holiday period, the fixture list will get a bit more congested.  In two games time, we will also have one final international break for 2016, which is annoying.

The sparser than usual calendar — and a clean bill of health other than Cesc Fàbregas's nagging injury — should allow Conte to basically always start his first-choice lineup.  For him, that might mean starting the exact same guys who played against both Leicester City and Manchester United, but there are also a few positions where crucial decisions needs to be made (e.g. Willian vs. Pedro).

But right now, we're just pretending we're the manager and choosing our own lineups.  Do you stick with what worked before?  Did anyone acquit himself well enough in the West Ham game to merit inclusion on Sunday?

Choose wisely.

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