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West Ham United 2-1 Chelsea, Player Ratings: Conte continues to count on Kanté

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Clive Rose/Getty Images

Minutes played90
Minutes looking adorable90
Chances wasted2
As one of only two players deployed in the same position as on the weekend, Kanté continued his good form with another all-around performance worthy of the highest rating among all Chelsea players.  It would've been even higher had he converted at least one of his two good chances in front of goal.

Having formed a very effective partnership with Nemanja Matic over the previous few games, Kanté was not quite able to replicate the same fluidity with Chalobah or Oscar, though some credit should also go to West Ham for their decent half-court press.

Kanté has now won the Man of the Match vote three matches in a row.  This game was the first time Chelsea have lost when he's played well.

Minutes played90
No. of weird Okazaki goals0
Asmir Begović has not had the best of times recently.  He's looked shaky in both of his previous appearances this season, he'd looked shaky in pre-season, and he didn't exactly finish last season on a stellar note either.

Much better from the Chelsea backup in this one however, even though he once again gave up two goals, with several decent saves and even a couple good ones.  There's certainly nothing he could've done about Kouyate's ridiculously well-placed and over-powered header or Fernandes's seeing-eye shot into the bottom corner.  Anecdotally, I want to say he was a bit shaky on one cross, but otherwise a job well done.

Minutes played62
Minutes not played28
Awesome shots1
First ever Chelsea start for the 21-year-old and just as he had acquitted himself well enough in his substitute appearances to earn this start, he acquitted himself well enough in this start to earn several more appearances (starts or otherwise).

That said, as good as Chalobah was in possession and with his passing (and his shooting!), he was easily knocked off the ball multiple times and he also seemed a bit lost in terms of what was exactly required in his role and how to work in-tandem with Kanté.  All that of course would come with time and more minutes, which he has hopefully earned even though Chelsea are out of a secondary competition to use as easy game-time opportunities until January.

Begović (6.5), Terry (4.2), David Luiz (6.2), Cahill (6.0), Aina (5.5), Kanté (7.1), Chalobah (6.4), Azpilicueta (5.9), Oscar (4.7), Batshuayi (4.6), Willian (5.4)

Costa (6.1), Hazard (6.2), Pedro (6.3)


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