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Chelsea, West Ham condemn clashes between fans, as seven are arrested and many more issued citations

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Despite fears over the inadequate infrastructure and policing ahead of last night's League Cup meeting between rivals Chelsea and West Ham United, the night, for the most part, passed without significant incident.

Except of course the scenes just before the final whistle, as stewards struggled to keep the two sets of fans separated.  Projectiles such as coins, plastic chairs (good job destroying your own stadium, West Ham fans), plastic bottles and the like flew aplenty though based on the footage available publicly at least, the two sides avoided coming to blows.

The wide open concourses joining the various sections of the stadium certainly weren't helping, and while this is perhaps the most significant event so far, trouble had already threatened to erupt in several other matches previously.  Many fans, both home and away have complained about the inadequate setup at the stadium and around the grounds.

None of that of course excuses the mob behaviour, which was quickly condemned by both managers and both clubs.  Chelsea had threatened banning orders prior to the match for any fan involved in violence; presumably the club will follow through swiftly on this.

"The club is extremely disappointed to see disturbances at the end of tonight's game and we condemn such behaviour."

"It would be inappropriate to comment further until tonight's incidents have been investigated properly."

-Chelsea statement

Metropolitan police confirmed that they arrested seven men on the night, and further 30 were issued citations.  And that's just the beginning.

"Although the vast majority of people left the stadium peacefully and were well behaved, there were a minority of people who attended the match that were clearly intent on being involved in confrontation and violence."

"Despite extensive work with both clubs and the London Stadium partners as well as a large and robust policing operation, there were unacceptable incidents inside and outside the stadium, before, during and after the game."

"We welcome the condemnation from partners and have already started a post match investigation.  We have already made seven arrests and will work tirelessly to identify people involved and bring them to justice."

-Met Police

In a way, none of these clashes are surprising, which perhaps makes them all the more disappointing.  Can't we all just get along?