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West Ham United vs. Chelsea, EFL Cup: Half-time report

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West Ham lead 1-0 at the half, thanks to Cheikhou Kouyate's goal.

Dan Mullan/Getty Images

Chelsea's performance so far reflects Antonio Conte's casual disaster of an outfit.  Blue hoodie, blue track pants, white sneakers is a shocking mish-mash of parts, probably well-intentioned as individual pieces, but just not working well together at as a unit.

The previously unbreachable 3-4-3 has been gashed repeatedly, with Kouyate's header finding the back of the net on 10 minutes, after a series of individual errors, most notably from returning captain John Terry, kept Chelsea hemmed in our defensive third.  It was a magnificent header, but the whole sequence was a result of some rather haphazard defending.  That theme continued throughout most of the first half, though West Ham have yet to take further advantage.  (Couple decent saves from Begovic in there.)

In attack, Chelsea's rejigged midfield and forward line has not gelled at all.  That two of our best chances have fallen to Kante, running beyond Batshuayi, is probably not the best plan.  Michy has probably acquitted himself the best of all of our forward players, though he's often been isolated and he shanked high and wide what looked to be an easy goal right at the end of the half.  Oscar's done alright in patches as well in his first action in what seems like ages.

With the system relying so much on the wing-backs, playing Azpilicueta and Aina there instead of Moses and Alonso has so far proven a massive and crucial downgrade.  If we're looking to change things up, that's where I'd look first (e.g. Hazard on for JT, move Azpi back to defense, Willian as wing-back).

Chelsea needed a last-minute winner in the first game against West Ham; as long as we're only down one, there's plenty of hope.  A winner must be found today, with extra time and penalties to follow if needed.