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Diego Costa’s number one fan revealed

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Spoiler alert: she’s not human

We interrupt your normal daily routine for this important development.

Meet Bella. Bella is Diego Costa’s number one fan. She brings out his tender side. His cuddly-wuddly side. Just look at the way he looks at her. It’s disgusting, really. That’s love, ladies and gentlemen. Unconditional love.

(Or, if you’re my dogs, unconditional as long as you have a treat in your hand.)


A photo posted by Diego Costa (@diego.costa) on

Bella looks a bit unsure maybe of this whole scenario, but the Mail have a picture that has the dog head on, and she seems to be enjoying herself just fine. Plus, she appears to be a lab or a lab mix, so she should be just fine with all the water.

As the Mail also serve to remind us, Diego did have at least one puppy before, a small Yorkshire Terrier who met a rather tragic end when Diego himself accidentally ran her over with his car. As former teammate Paulo Assuncao revealed, Costa was devastated and “totally depressed” for a month. I can’t even imagine...

And now, we do that annoying thing that dog owners do, post a picture of your own dog(s)! Show-offs.

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