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Man of the Match Eden Hazard vs. Manchester United: Unshackled, unpredictable, unstoppable

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Much to Jose Mourinho's chagrin...

The one thing that stands out more than anything else in this video is just how many different positions Eden Hazard took up throughout the course of the match. Sure, he was mostly on the left, but he was also on the right, in the center, up front or dropping back; he was here, there, everywhere as the old saying goes. He took set pieces, he created for others, he created for himself, he led counters, he took shots.

He once again led the team in shots with 4, giving him 9 in his last two games. He had 14 in our first three games, then 5 in our next four, and now 9 in our last two. The 4.5 average seems to be sweet spot. Oh, and he's also got four goals, which already matches his total from last season.

After last week's victory, Hazard had talked about enjoying the freedoms afforded by Conte's 3-4-3, which sees him less restricted to just one flank and does lessen some of the defensive burden on him — though it would be a misnomer to claim that he has no defensive responsibilities; United never quite put enough sustained pressure on Chelsea to force Hazard back, but last week, he certainly put in a shift or two in defensive positions against Leicester City. In any case, the new tactical look is working well for Hazard and working well for the team in general.

"It gives a lot of confidence. We started well and for the fans and us it was a great afternoon. It was a big game and we've already lost big games this season against Liverpool and Arsenal, so we did well."

"In football the most important thing is three points. We have a lot of confidence now, we've won three games in a row and we have to continue like this."

-Eden Hazard; source: Chelsea FC

Confidence is high. The goals and the points are flowing in. Long may it all continue.