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Antonio Conte plays down Mourinho nonsense, already focused on next match against West Ham United

We've won the battle, but the war is far from over.

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In a most glorious of 90 minutes, Chelsea dominated Manchester United basically from start to finish on Sunday afternoon, coming within one goal of matching our biggest win ever against the Premier League's most storied club, who are now managed by Jose Mourinho.  His presence, Chelsea's greatest ever manager now colluding with the enemy, added all sorts of extra spice all throughout the proceedings.

From the first minute to the last, literally, it was a frustrating afternoon for Mourinho.  Things came to a head towards the end as current Chelsea boss Antonio Conte started gesturing to the home crowd to get on up out of their seats and make some noise.  It had been a fantastic atmosphere throughout, but after N'Golo Kanté scored Chelsea's fourth, things both on and off the pitch hit a bit of a lull.  After the match, Conte elucidated what he was trying to do.

"I think that the private conversation must remain private. If someone discovers something, OK. But for me the private conversation remains private."

"I think that, today, it was right to call our fans in a moment I was listening only to the supporters of Manchester United at 4-0. So I called the fans to give the players a great clap after this kind of performance. The players, after a 4-0 win, deserved a great clap. It's very normal."

"We live with emotions. If you want to cut the emotions, we can stay at home and I will change jobs. It's important for our fans to push in every moment of the game. When the players deserve it after this performance, it's right to receive a great clap from the fans."

-Antonio Conte; source: Telegraph

José being José has been trying to make a big deal out of this — note his "private" conversation with Conte in full view of the TV cameras, in addition to reports of José's staff refusing to shake hands with Conte's staff in the tunnel — but Conte is have none of it.

"I've been a player too and I know how to behave. I always show great respect for everyone, including Manchester United. There was no incident, it was just a normal thing to do. I wasn't mocking anyone, I wouldn't do that."

-Antonio Conte; source: Sky Italia via Get West London

In fact, Conte was eager to move on already and start thinking about the next game.

"The most important victories in my career are when I won a title or a cup. You can win a battle, I prefer to win the war."

"It's very difficult to talk about our position at the end of the season. We must continue to improve and then we'll see, but I'm pleased because I am seeing the work during the game."

-Antonio Conte; source: Chelsea FC

"I think it's right to celebrate when you win.When you work very hard and win, it's important to celebrate. But I have already told my players that United is the past. Now we must be focused on Wednesday because there is another important, tough game against West Ham. It's important to celebrate this evening, but then to start to focus on another game."

-Antonio Conte; source: Telegraph

The 3-4-3 is three-for-three. Three wins. Three times three goals scored.  None conceded. Bring on The Hammers!

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