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David Luiz looking to add to his Chelsea legend as he faces Manchester United for the tenth time

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Throwback Thursday: David Luiz vs. Manchester United edition

Thursday is mostly over, so this is like a throwback to the throwback of Throwback Thursday.  Or something.  But it's glorious, so let's do it anyway.

Our favorite big-maned superhero shared this little gem on his official Facebook earlier, a throwback to the game that established him as a budding cult hero in the SW6.

'Twas the year 2011, the first day of March, a month into David Luiz's tenure at Stamford Bridge when he scored that cracking goal against Manchester United, igniting not only a Chelsea comeback win in this game, but a furious charge up the table that almost got Carlo Ancelotti's side a second consecutive Premier League title.

The Blues would go on to win 7 of the next 8 games, collecting 25 of 27 available points in March and April.  Defeat at Old Trafford at the start of May (just as in the Champions League a month prior) all but ended Chelsea's slim title hopes and Ancelotti's tenure as manager, but the Legend of David Luiz had just begun.

In his career, David Luiz has faced only one club more often than Manchester United, playing 10 times against Olympique Lyonnais in the colors of Benfica and PSG.  In the colors of just Chelsea, United stand well above other opponents on this list.  Luiz has been on the winning side 5 times in those 9 meetings, with only 2 losses: the aforementioned defeat in May of 2011, as well as the home 3-2 loss in the fall of 2012.  The 3 goals he's scored in those 9 meetings are more than he's scored against any other club, and they include the header in 2011-12 that gave AVB's Chelsea a 3-0 lead (before United stormed back to draw 3-3) and the penalty that helped RDM's Chelsea beat United 5-4 in an early round of the League Cup.  And of course that iconic goal shared at the top.

But David Luiz is also well remembered for another incident against Manchester United, the one involving his friend Rafael, who let his frustrations get the better of him as Chelsea ran out 3-1 winners.  This game remains the last game David Luiz has played against United.

The smile heard 'round the world.  Legend.

Manchester United seem to often bring the best out in David Luiz (minus that Chicharito goal that got him into Ancelotti's doghouse) and we'll need him and the rest of his cohorts in defense to be at their best on Sunday once again.