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Costa vs. Conte: Further details of a possible 'dressing room bust-up'

Much ado about ... something

It is perhaps worrying that it's The Sun who seem to be the voice of reason at the moment -- not in terms of this incident, but just in general, universe-affecting terms.

According to the famously controversial tabloid, a Chelsea source told them that "no confrontation took place" in the dressing room between head coach Antonio Conte and striker Diego Costa, after the pair were seen yelling at each other in the heat of battle during Chelsea's 3-0 win over Leicester City on Saturday.

This report runs contrary to the reports in famously controversial Spanish daily, Marca, who ran an item earlier in the day that claim to reveal further details of a dressing room bust-up between the pair.  According to their report (and others, like the Metro who picked it up and ran with it), Costa and Conte "live a relationship full of tension" and after the on-pitch gesticulations at each other, actually had to be separated by others inside the dressing room.

Que escandaloso!

Tough to know whom to believe in this case.  Common sense would indicate that The Sun's version of events is perhaps the (larger) truth, but of course it's entirely conceivable that any official Chelsea source would play down the events of Saturday, whatever they may have been.  Marca may be making things up, or they might have a source among the large Spanish contingent at Chelsea.

Clips from the training ground on Chelsea TV showed a Diego Costa going about his business as usual in Wednesday's training; hopefully any tension that may or may not actually exist will be put to good use this weekend against Manchester United.

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