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WATCH: Charly Musonda Jr waits 20 minutes to meet Cristiano Ronaldo, who has no idea who he is

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Charly Musonda celebrates his 20th birthday by shaking hands with his idol.

Charly Musonda Jr is currently on loan from Chelsea at Real Betis, whose poor season continued Saturday with a 6-1 drubbing by Real Madrid. It was Betis's third loss in their last four games giving them only eight points after eight games, and putting current boss and former Chelsea player Gus Poyet under increasing pressure.

Musonda was not involved in the match itself, not even as a substitute. But it was Charly's birthday and he wasn't going to let that get in his way of fulfilling a life goal. After the match, the youngster waited by the players' exit tunnel for his idol, Cristiano Ronaldo.

After twenty minutes, Cristiano finally emerged to shake hands with the highly promising hot prospect ... but it's obvious that the Real Madrid star really had no idea who Charly was (despite facing his team just a few hours prior). I suppose that's understandable. Only when the 20-year-old tells him his career story does Cristiano start behaving like he was meeting a peer rather than an overexcited fan.

Still worth it. Charly was suitably impressed.

Here's a reverse angle shot of the whole encounter as well.

(h/t: /r/chelseafc)