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Eden Hazard vs. Leicester City: Chelsea's biggest star reveling in his new role under Antonio Conte

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A few days ago, Eden Hazard had mentioned something about playing more in the middle of the pitch rather than being restricted to the left wing only as he has been for the vast majority of his Chelsea career. It wasn't the first time this issue has come up, but just as it did with Mourinho in charge, Hazard obviously acknowledged that it's the head coach who calls the shots.

But there's plenty of synergy at the moment and while Conte's 3-4-3 doesn't exactly utilize Hazard as a no.10, Chelsea's biggest star has still been quite pleased with the switch in the tactical setup.

"I play more inside the pitch and I don't stay wide. I play this system with the Belgium side. We have more freedom and we can win the ball back. It is good for us."

"We did everything - we created a lot of chances, scored three goals and didn't concede. It's good to be back and take three points."

-Eden Hazard; source: Goal

The game saw a return to a more direct and willing Hazard, as evidenced by the five shots he took, or as many as he had taken in the previous four Premier League matches combined. He took his goal with ease, confidence, and aplomb, and he confirmed afterwards that he dedicated it to Willian.

"It's for Willi, Willian. He's back in Brazil. He lost his mother. We are thinking about him. I hope he comes back stronger."

"I want to dedicate the performance, the win, to Willi and his family. It's a sad moment for him but he must know that it is also [bad] for us, because we are very close to him and his family."

-Eden Hazard; source: ESPN

Win together, lose together. Signs of true progress today; long may that continue.