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Chelsea midfielder Willian returns home to Brazil on bereavement leave

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Willian was in Canada, en route back to London yesterday morning, when he received the worst kind of news, the one he (and his collective Chelsea family) have been dreading for some time, especially after her condition worsened recently.  As reported by UOL, Willian's mother passed away Wednesday after her two-year battle against a brain tumor.  She was only 57. Willian has flown back to Sao Paulo.

Willian had been dedicating goals and wins to her in the past couple weeks, and thanks to the international break, had been able to spend some time with her in recent days.  He was able to visit her again after last night's Brazil match, in which he scored the second goal.

The Chelsea midfielder posted a poem in tribute to her on Instagram.

Facebook's auto-translation for the poem reads as:

In the sky is your place
Where will you be now
Where do you live
Left you so much
After you left here
Just asking
Because I'm so sure
It is in heaven that you are
Yeah near Jesus Christ
I'm sure it's your place.
Because for you to be holy
You don't need canonize
Just be the mother that was
To Sanctify.
Don't think I'm hurt
By punishments to me data
Because between the mother and son
Always all is forgiven.
Can you believe that I'm fine
Because between the punishment and love
Did you do with that I would follow
Definitely a good way.
I miss you so much
That's true
But I still accept
Because we live together
For all eternity.
I'm still here on earth
To his teachings to be faithful
So I can like you
Also have the kingdom of heaven.
Then we'll meet
Have detached from the earth
To participate
Dreamed of eternal life.

My heart breaks for Willian.