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Paul Canoville admits he was wrong about Chelsea not giving him a book signing in 2008

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A few days ago, one of the most important players in Chelsea history, Paul Canoville, broke the news on Twitter that Chelsea refused to give him a book signing back in 2008, when he released his award-winning biography "Black And Blue".

Answers seemed to be in short supply as to why.  The Evening Standard postulated that it was due to Chelsea's "strict deals with publishers", which afforded the club zero leeway in giving an official book signing to a work published outside of those partnerships.  A Daily Mail article from 2009 claimed it was due to the "drug element" in the book, which, unless Canners was actively promoting drug use, sounds as spurious as it gets.

As it turns out, we don't have worry too much about figuring out why.  In a series of tweet this morning, with his CAPS LOCK unfortunately stuck on, Canoville admitted that he was wrong about the whole thing and just didn't remember getting a

Not that any of this really clears up the situation as things don't quite add up -- Was he refused a signing at first, then given one later?  What about the "strict deals" and the "drug element"?  How come nobody remembered this until now? -- as long as everyone's happy, and it sounds like we all are, we can probably move on.