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International round-up: Joe Hart saves England; Denmark lose again

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Slovenia 0-0 England; Denmark 0-1 Montenegro

Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

England continued their successful campaign for the abolishment of international football by putting in the sort of 90 minutes you wished you could have spent at the dentist instead.  While getting pooped on by an angry colony of bats.

But hey, clean sheet!

Since England posed roughly zero threat on Slovenia's goal -- not counting Daniel Sturridge's moments of severe selfishness, the likes of which hadn't been seen since he was playing badly for Chelsea once upon a time -- the match was always going to come down to the question of whether England could keep a clean sheet or not.  In theory, Gary Cahill and John Stones, with Eric Dier shielding in front should've been good enough, but in this one, thanks to repeated basic errors from English defenders and midfielders, it all came down to Joe Hart activating his god mode cheat code.

That Torino air is doing some good for ol' Beppino.  Announce Chelsea rumors!

So, a point for mighty England, who fail to win a World Cup or Euro qualfying match for the first time since 2013.  That's what happens when you give the captain's armband (with Rooney on the bench) to Jordan Henderson instead of vice-captain Gary Cahill.  And now Southgate's may or may not be involved in some financial controversy, too!  NEXT!

Elsewhere in World Cup qualifying action in Europe, Denmark slumped to a second successive defeat by losing 1-0 at home to Montenegro.  The visitors' only goal came as a result of some poor marking in defense, where young Andreas Christensen played as the right-hand man of the back three (Simon Kjaer was the center).  Christensen (#6) isn't the only one at fault here, but his decision to step up and leave his man was not a good one.

There's one more match to watch out for, later tonight as Brazil take on Venezuela, but then the international break will be over and we can get back to some proper football and excitement.