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Tammy Abraham struggles to find the back of the net in FIFA 17 battle with Leicester City's Demarai Gray

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It's clearly a strange and frustrating feeling for the man who once scored over 40 goals in a season for Chelsea youth teams and currently leads the Championship in scoring to struggle to find the back of the net, but that's exactly what's happening to Tammy Abraham in this video from the English FA's official YouTube channel.

In fairness, Tammy's opponent, Leicester City youngster Demarai Gray is having almost as much difficulty in getting his virtual footballers to play something resembling real, quality football and find a proper finish among all the chances created. In the end, Gray's Real Madrid does prevail 2-1, with Tammy's Bayern Munich scoring a late-late consolation to make the scoreline look a bit prettier.

Chelsea prospect Lewis Baker, currently on loan for the second straight season at Vitesse in the Eredivisie makes a cameo (sitting on Gray's side), as does recent England convertee Jack Grealish (sitting on Tammy's side) who had represented Ireland at earlier youth levels.

As much fun as it must be to play this game, just watching it, I do wonder what the appeal is. It looks almost as awkward as FIFA 94 — that's over twenty years ago, to make me feel super old — and at least there you could run away from a booking.