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John Terry receives first ever WishMaker award from Make-a-Wish Foundation UK

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Make-a-Wish is a charitable organization that grants wishes to kids with life-threatening conditions. It was started in the USA in 1980 but now operates, through various affiliates under the umbrella of Make-a-Wish International, in almost 50 countries, including the UK.

John Terry has been an ambassador for Make-a-Wish UK since 2010, and in that time has granted more than 50 wishes to seriously ill children (not to mention his work with other charities, such as when he hosted Oran Tully a couple years ago).

Make-a-Wish UK recognized his contributions at their Sports Dinner on Saturday night with their first ever WishMaker Award.

Pictured alongside his wife, Toni, JT expressed how proud he was to have received this award.

I am honoured and very proud to have received an award from @makeawishuk last night.

I have been supporting @makeawishuk for ten years now and have been truly touched to see first hand the joy and hope it can give these kids as they show courage and determination to continue fighting their life threatening illnesses.

Thank you @makeawishuk for your amazing work you all do.

Captain, Leader, WishMaker. Legend.