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Hull City vs. Chelsea, Premier League: Half-time report

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Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

After back-to-back ugly defeats to Liverpool and Arsenal and an even longer term issue of a super-leaky defense, something had to change.  So sure enough, change is what we've gotten.

The new system, as far as we can gather, involves a compact three-man defense (Cahill-David Luiz-Azpilicueta), supported out wide by wingbacks Alonso (left) and Moses (right).  Matic and Kante are acting as the midfield shield, with the former staying back a bit further and Kanté getting a bit more free reign than so far this season (and perhaps more similar to his role with Leicester City).  Diego Costa is the lone forward and he's supported by Hazard and Willian, who basically have free roles in attack but are expected to drop in and support the wingbacks in defense.

Let's call this a 5-4-1/3-4-3.  In theory, it's not bad, though the three central defenders seem a bit of an overkill, especially against Hull's single striker in Mbokani.  The players are also quite clearly not too comfortable or familiar with the system, though the flow seemed to improve as the half wore on.  Hull have had one chance, from a free kick, but Courtois produced a quality save after a deflection.

Victor Moses has been perhaps Chelsea's best player in the first half, but real end product has been lacking.  That's the trouble with any system, really.  But with proper execution, we should be getting a few goals before the 90 minutes are up.