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Shakhtar Donetsk boss: 'No point talking' about Alex Teixeira's Chelsea transfer

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Shakhtar Donetsk attacking midfielder Alex Teixeira is enjoying a great season so far. Having scored 22 goals in 15 games in the Ukrainian Premier League, the player has reportedly drawn interest from European juggernauts such as Chelsea, PSG and Juventus.

Another member of Shakhtar's team who might be set to leave is manager Mircea Lucescu, who's been at the club for almost 12 years. The Romanian manager said that any talks regarding his departure or Teixeira's are only rumours up to this point.

"Teixeira and I are talked a lot in the press now. They are spreading rumours about us allegedly leaving Shakhtar. At the moment, Alex is Shakhtar's player. We'll see in the summer; [for] now there's no point talking about it."

"This year, he needs to play so that he grows even more, despite the fact that Alex's level is very high even today. In this case he will be even more in demand."

Earlier this season, Lucescu claimed that Alex Teixeira's value was around €50 million, while rumours about the player reaching a 'verbal agreement' with Chelsea flew around the English press. Lucescu said there have been no direct offers for Teixeira yet, but that he will support a move if Chelsea or any other club approach Shakhtar and the player with a satisfying offer.

"At the moment there are no official proposals, so it makes no sense to talk about it. This is what the press is spreading, mainly [the] English one. If there is an offer that will satisfy both the player and the club, I will fully support his move. I want to see my players perform in the best, top teams in Europe."

"This means that both my assistants and I have not been working in vain for so many years! We signed players, who were 17-19, and brought them to the level of the top clubs."

"I wonder how many coaches in Europe are working based on such a scheme? This is, of course, very difficult. We need to develop and bring these players to a high level and at the same time we have to achieve results. Plus, we should develop their style of play that the fans will like. It is not so easy as it seems."

-Mircea Lucescu; source: Shakhtar Donetsk via ESPN FC

The prospect of a summer transfer matches Shakhtar's expressed refusal to sell the player mid-season.  Sounds like Teixeira, much like Douglas Costa the year before, won't be moving until the end of the season.

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