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Guus Hiddink reveals FA Cup ambitions, confirms summer plans

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On Sunday, Chelsea will be facing a League One opponent in Scunthorpe United almost exactly a year after getting eliminated by then-League One side Bradford City from the same competition at Stamford Bridge. Manager Guus Hiddink claimed that he didn't watch that 4-2 loss, in which Chelsea had led 2-0, but he never looks down on any opponent.

"I didn't see the Bradford game last year but I know we must not stumble again. I take all opponents very seriously. We have watched all of their games and they will be dreaming of getting a good result."

"They have some players like the striker Paddy Madden who has scored 14 goals, we are very aware who can play and can cause danger."

-Guus Hiddink; source: London Evening Standard

In his first spell at Chelsea, Hiddink collected the 2009 FA Cup title, beating Everton in the Wembley final.  He holds that success in high regard and would thus undoubtedly love to win it again.  It's a "big" target he set for the squad, but one he hopes they will accomplish.

"The FA Cup means a lot to me - at that time [in 2009] it was only silverware we won and I won in this country. Besides that if you see the FA Cup, it has a huge impact, not just in this country but worldwide. I remember watching it as a young man."

"When I started at the club a few weeks ago I said we have to have some aims and have to set targets as a big club. To get Fourth place in the Premier League is difficult, but then there are two targets left, one of which is the FA Cup and that's a big target for this group of players to get."

-Guus Hiddink; source: London Evening Standard

Even if Chelsea do end up winning the Cup, or even a Cup double should he do one better than in 2009, Hiddink has confirmed that he's set to leave the club as soon as the current season ends.

"I've put two dates in my mind which is the 25th and 28th May and then it's finished, I can then go home on the 29th. Those dates are the FA Cup Final [which is actually on May 21st] and Champions League Final. It means that after that it's over. We made it very clear at the end of this I will stop."

-Guus Hiddink; source: London Evening Standard

Whether our next manager will be Pep Guardiola, Diego Simeone or someone else entirely remains to be seen.  Until then, it's time to enjoy 'Uncle' Hiddink's second spell at club, try to win another FA Cup and maybe reach another Champions League final.

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