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Guus Hiddink with the final word on the Oscar and Diego Costa incident

"Aggressive chest-bumps!"
"Aggressive chest-bumps!"
Paul Gilham/Getty Images

A day before the customary pre-match press conference, Diego Costa and Oscar reportedly had a "brawl" following a flash point during the intense training session. Eventually, Oscar took to Twitter to dismiss any claims that anything had happened between him and Costa but the damage was already done, with the attentions now focused on the pair's clash rather than the upcoming match against Scunthorpe United.

Chelsea manager Guus Hiddink described the bust-up as a 'threat of two bulls' and revealed that there would be no disciplinary action for either player since the conflict was solved almost instantaneously.

"It was a pity that our photographer had the day off because he could have shot two beautiful pictures of bulls who were chesting a little bit after a charge from behind from the smallest bull of the two, which was Oscar."

"He took a charge from behind and it was overdone, especially when you know Oscar - he's not the biggest tackler of the team. He got Diego and of course they then stumbled over the ground, stood up as a normal reaction and chested a bit, without any serious threat of punching or whatever."

"It was more of a threat of two bulls. We came in between, but there was no need to say we had to grab them to avoid them hitting each other. In the intensity of the training session, when it's close on the edge, these things happen."

"After that Oscar apologised in front of the group. He wanted to speak, take the podium. He apologised for his overacting and then they started laughing. Jokes were made afterwards. It's a battle that happens when you play with high intensity, it's solved. No disciplinary action. When you control it a few minutes later, it's no problem for me."

Common sense!

Hiddink also spoke about the effort put in by the players on training, saying that players might have relied too much on just their talent this season.  It's an interest accusation given that one of knocks against Mourinho is usually that he beats the talent out of players, but apparently Hiddink's working hard to re-instill some of that graft and hard work and effort into the squad.

"They are focused on what they have to do, they are focussed on what they're good at. Players like Oscar who are blessed by nature in their talent know they have to work hard for the benefit of the team so that he can excel his performance."

"They work hard in an area where maybe in the past they were relying just a bit too much on their talent. They are adding some things now."

-Guus Hiddink; source: Evening Standard

The incident between Diego Costa and Oscar seems to be another case of 'much ado about nothing' that will make for great headlines and plenty of negative media attention.  So just another day at Chelsea Football Club.

@diego.costa and @oscar_emboaba in training today. #CFC #Chelsea

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