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Oscar shuts down 'lies' of training ground brawl with Diego Costa

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Paul Gilham/Getty Images

It took less than an hour for the "news" to filter through to the affected parties, about how Oscar and Costa apparently got into it a bit at training today.  Playing up the sensational angle, we had reports from all across the media from the lowest of the tabloids to the some of the most respected outlets, some going even as far as to brand it a "brawl" between the two players.

Fortunately, in this wonderful modern day of ours, athletes can go on social media and make themselves heard directly.  Right, Oscar?

Which translates to: "Whoever's claiming that me and Diego Costa had a fight today in training is lying. He's one of my best friends and we'd never have a fight."

So, that should be that for this nonsense story, though I'm sure it will be brought up at opportune times as something that's true.  Even if the two got into some (ultimately meaningless) altercation in training, there's nothing to actually see here.

Move along.