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Guardiola denies signing Manchester City contract, wants to coach in England

Stuart Franklin/Getty Images

Chelsea will be looking for it's next 'long-term' manager this summer, and with Pep Guardiola set to leave Bayern Munich at the end of the campaign, there's plenty of speculation that he's already on his way to England. On Tuesday, he confirmed as much, acknowledging that he has already received offers from Premier League clubs, although he hasn't signed a contract yet.

"I want to coach in Premier League. That is the reason I did not prolong my contract."

"I have offers from England, but I have not signed a contract yet. When I have a new contract, then we will communicate it. I can't say more right now. I have not signed a contract yet."

Guardiola also said the reason why he didn't extend his contract with Bayern is that he wants a new challenge, not being comfortable with the idea of managing one club for many years.

"If I were as old as Jupp Heynckes was during his last stint, I would have stayed. But I am still young enough, only 44 -- I want a new challenge now. Three years are enough. I am not comfortable with staying at one club for 30 years."

"I want new restaurants, a new city, a new challenge. When I got to Munich, people asked, 'Why Germany and not England?' I want to experience the emotions there. Why England? That's my instinct right now."

-Pep Guardiola; Source: ESPN FC

Guardiola's public words could well be a move for him to have more leverage whenever he goes back to the negotiation table with the Premier League clubs interested in his services - namely Chelsea, Manchester City and Manchester United. Nevertheless, it will be interesting to see how Pep and his future club will fare within the tactical madness of the Premier League next season.

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