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Zlatan 'wants to be a free agent' but without Mourinho, do Chelsea still have a chance of signing him?

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A few teasing quotes from agent Mino Raiola from the weekend pertaining to one of his key clients.  No, it's not Paul Pogba, though Raiola did also say last week that Barcelona are "not favorites" for Pogba (Juventus are) and that it will be once again up to his client to make a choice in the summer whether to stay or to go.  But this isn't about Pogba now; I'm sure his turn in the Chelsea rumor mill will come soon.

This is about the entity known as Zlatan, who at 34 is still rather amazing, and continues to average almost a goal-per-game for Paris Saint-Germain.  Apparently he has one more big adventure left in him, and with his contract expiring this summer, his agent is teasing a summer move.

"He will definitely stay with Paris Saint-Germain until the end of the season. He wants to be with them, they want to be with him. We have a very strong relationship with the club. He will not leave in January."

"I would like to see him in the Premier League. I think it's a game that is made for him with his strength. his ability, his technique, the stadiums with fantastic atmosphere and how football is lived."

"It's difficult now because for the first time in his life he wants to be a free agent so that he can look around and have a feeling day by day what he wants to do. There are a lot of projects on our table but he has not decided yet. Can he go to England? In theory yes he can because he will be a free agent and for sure there are some clubs always interested in him. What we will do at the end, I really don't know."

-Mino Raiola; source: ESPN

As one of Jose Mourinho's biggest fans, Zlatan Ibrahimović had been repeatedly linked with Chelsea over the last couple years.  Now that Mourinho's gone (and maybe heading to Manchester United?), would we still have a shot at him, should we choose to approach, in the summer?  Probably not.  Mourinho made a habit of signing veteran strikers to help augment our attack and leadership inside the dressing room — two of those, Eto'o and Drogba, worked out well enough though Falcao's loan this season has been an utter and complete failure.  Would we continue this policy in his absence?  Also probably not.

Despite Zlatan and his agent's flirting and winking towards the Premier League, Chelsea's window of opportunity may have passed already.  You're welcome, Arsenal and Manchester United.

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