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Chelsea FC transfer rumors: Diego Costa, Antoine Griezmann, and ... Alexis Sanchez?

Silly Season always gets silliest towards the end. Less than 36 hours to go!

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

I don't particularly care for or about any of these three stories, but they're out there and being talked about, so we should at least mention them quickly.


This one's the big one from Spain, as Diario AS bring tidings of Chelsea rejecting a €45m bid from Atlético Madrid for Diego Costa.  Apparently Simeone is so desperate for a reunion with his talismanic striker that not only has he been practically begging the chairman to do something, he's willing to break the bank for Costa.  Here's a thought, maybe come to Chelsea and then you can have him back.

There also a version of this rumor that involves a part-exchange, with Jackson Martinez coming this way as part-compensation, but while we might be liable to make silly, low-impact signings like Falcao or Pato, we're at least not making major blunders, like exchanging Costa for Martinez.



Another rumor that's not going away is our supposed interest in Griezmann.  While the 24-year-old seems committed to and happy at Atlético, apparently he'd be the top of our wishlist if Hazard were to leave (to Real Madrid — yawn; or to PSG, a team that he's openly rejected multiple times).  Two rumors in one! How efficient!  Good job, Daily Mail.


This one's probably the least likely of the already quite unlikely grouping of rumors, but at least it's entertaining in how bonkers it is.  Jorge Sampaoli, man without a job, remains one of the leading candidates to become Chelsea manager in the summer.  Now I'd like to imagine that he himself floated this rumor as some sort of public enticement to the Chelsea hierarchy, but apparently if were were to sign the Copa America-winning Bielsa-phile, he would waste no time in making a serious play for Arsenal's Alexis Sanchez, who of course was also the leading star for Chile and thus presumably enjoys playing for Sampaoli.  Or something.  This one's in the Express, an exclusive!, so you know you can bet your house and your life savings on it without hesitation.

And now you know.

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